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Five Cheshire County England Attractions To Visit While On Vacation


The county of Cheshire in northern England features some interesting places to visit, including Chester. Chester is the county’s largest city. Cheshire County is home to the Chester Zoo, the Vale Royal Falconry Centre and much more. Let’s look at five of the most popular attractions in the county of Cheshire.


Chester Zoo was mentioned, and it is the top-ranked place of interest in the county. How does visiting a bat cave sound? The zoo is home to a bat cave, and of course there is much more than that. You can stop by the butterfly house, see the baby elephants and the big cats and much more. There are some endangered species that you get to see while you are there, too.


There are four top attractions dealing with birds, one of them being the Vale Royal Falconry Centre that was mentioned. Since this type of place is so popular in the county, let’s look more closely at what you can expect at the falconry centre. One thing you need to know about this place is that you have to book a private tour. The centre is located on Warrington Road, and you get up close and personal with the birds for sure.


Little Moreton Hall on Congleton Road is up next, and this tudor house looks absolutely gorgeous. You are privy to a guided tour, and there is a long gallery, tea room, knot gallery, chapel and more. Little Moreton is called an architectural gem, and it’s one of those neat and unique places that you just might want to be sure you visit if you’re in Cheshire County, England.


Then there is Booth Mansion, which is a historic place of interest. It’s not just in Cheshire County, but the city of Chester itself. Located at 30 Watergate Street, Booth Mansion is a great place to enjoy afternoon tea, but it’s so much more. Enjoy the music on the piano, book a private event at this venue, eat some delicious pastries and so much more. According to the reviews, you might want to try the Monkey Bread, and this establishment is a great place to stop for lunch.


Another top attraction in Cheshire County is The Brindley theatre, it features comfy seats and is host to different types of shows. Concerts and plays are what’s mostly hosted there. If you feel like catching a show, then it’s time to book tickets for an event at The Brindley Theater. It is located on High Street in Runcorn.


Those popular attractions are some of what waits for you when you travel to Cheshire County. It’s going to be easy to focus primarily on Chester, but don’t forget there are other cities like Runcorn that are host to some great places to visit. You would be doing great to stop by these popular attractions to kick off our trip, however, if you’re looking for fun and exciting things to do. These five places are quite unique and represent a diverse short list of popular attractions in Cheshire County, England.